Who am I online?

“You need to have an online presence.” Uh… what. Shouldn’t my presence be felt in the presence of others? Nonetheless as an aspiring student of the communications world I understand the reality of there being an I in the physical world and I in the online world. That begs the question: who do I want to be?

Essentially, I am starting off fresh. I really have the ability to create any persona I want. It could be incredibly accurate, or a caricature of someone I never could be (à la Stephen Colbert). This could be my opportunity to become an idealistic daydreamer, or a staunch believer in one-way of thinking over another. It’s like one of those bucket list things… jump right outside of your comfort zone. Go outside the proverbial box so to speak.

While I am one for new experience and trying everything once, I don’t think that is going to work for me. I wouldn’t know how to speak without at least a hint of sarcasm of dry humor (that might be the British in me shining through).

If I had to think of how I would want online me to be perceived it would be:  someone who has passions and firmly believes in them, as someone who can find humor in almost all situations, as someone who others can put their faith in and trust, and perhaps most importantly, as someone who can find song in all situations.

A while ago I was meeting with a friend who was going through a course to become a life coach and we got to talking about what motivates us and what is the drive behind the decisions we make. I ended up creating the declaration:

I am constantly building and connecting to a future I am passionate about.

I hope online me continues to be passionate and maybe a little sarcastic.

This is the song I was listening to while I was writing this post:


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